Christmas Eve Planning

News; Right now we are doing some Christmas Eve Service planning and we want this Christmas Eve to be the best Christmas Eve service that people have ever been to. So with that said we need your help. Christmas Eve is always a time where we are able to come together and celebrate the real reason for Christmas and not the one that the world made up, but JESUS! The Theme for this year is “Star Struck” As believers the True Star of Christmas is JESUS, not Santa!!! And so we will be talking about the time we “got struck by the star” Jesus! So here is a few ways you can help!

1) Sign up to decorate
2) Sign up to serve Christmas Eve
3) Video your family hanging a Star on the Christmas Tree and telling the story to family of the real reason for Christmas and how your life got changed by the True Star Jesus!
4) Invest and invite people! Drag them kicking and screaming if you have too, we look forward to your family and friend filling several rows of chairs. We also look forward to this being the best Christmas Eve Service Ever!!!!


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I am a Church Planter in Rockmart Georgia from West Ridge Church View all posts by dannye

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