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So many times on Sunday I wish I could just give you the 411 of what God is speaking into my life personally, but there is only a little bit of time to speak about what God is doing in me. So with this entry my hope is to help you to know better what God is speaking into my life right now. What a great journey this has been so far for us as a church! I know that the best is yet to come for us at CrossView, and for all of us as followers of Christ. I anticipate some major things coming down the pike as we follow Jesus and trust Him! The truth is, I don’t want to just have a front row seat to the action, but I want to be in the game as God shows out! I want to run up the score on our enemy (Satan) and I want to experience all that God has for me and my family  to experience. I have come to understand over the last 9 years of ministry that in order for me to experience Gods fullness I have to Listen to God, and simply do what He says. I think a lot of times we just get in the way and overcomplicate things.

This past week I started off  preparing for Sunday, and begging God to show me what’s next in the life of our church and ministries. For the month leading up to our opening day at the new facility, I had been preparing for the week after our new launch to be a chill-ax week with our staff to “Celebrate The Win” of getting in the new building. One of the things on the agenda last week was a sushi trip to Smyrna and a Leadership Conference in South Carolina. As I prepared for the trip to South Carolina I asked God to show me what I needed to do as a leader to lead the church to do great things for God! My passion truly is to see peoples lives changed by Jesus Christ! So I really wanting God to say, “Well Danny I want you to Take this step, Take that step, Cross this bridge, and Make that change,”  but at this time I received none of that! So I began to pray even harder, asking God to reveal to me His plan, because as you pastor, I can honestly say I don’t know what I am doing, and I have to depend on His direction. During the middle of the conference pastor Steven Furtick ask a question that really got me thinking even more. Pastor Steven asked; “What is God calling you to do when you get home?” He challenged us to be obedient to Gods voice. I realize that delayed obedience is disobedience. So during the middle of the conference God brought me back the 1st speaker of that days message. It’s crazy, because I had just looked at this passage a few weeks before and it didn’t speak to me the same way as it did this time, but Gods timing is perfect. I was begging GOD to tell me Whats Next? As I was praying God took me back to Joshua chapter 5. In order to give you some context I need to back up a little. Joshua was the leader of the Israelites. After Moses died, Joshua took on the leadership, began to listening to God and He lead the Israelites to trust God and crossover to the promise land and experience Gods greatness. So they crossed over and God told Joshua to perform a surgery that was very painful for men. You can read more about that in Joshua chapter 5. As a guy you could say this surgery “separated the men from the boys” or that Joshua was casting very bold vision of following God! Anyhow, I don’t know if as an adult I would have gone through that membership class ( if you don’t read the end of Joshua chapter 5 you will not understand what I was just saying) Anyway, Joshua lead Gods children to crossover and then they were circumcised and at the end of chapter 5. The Lord appears to Joshua in verse 14..Then Joshua fell facedown to the ground in reverence, and asked him, “What message does my Lord have for his servant?” So Joshua’s is like, “God What’s next?” Now I believe the reason Joshua asked what was next was because he was a go getter, and he was motivated to serve the Lord with everything that was within him. He was all out sold out! Full Throttle! He wanted to experience and for others to experience all of Gods power that comes through  faith and obedience. So he falls down asking Gods for his orders and I am sure God blows his mind when he says this in verse 15,“….Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy.” And Joshua did as he was told. If you remember this story you know after Joshua was obedient, God in his timing revealed his plan to Joshua and gave him the battle plan for Jericho. I told you guys all of that to tell you this; God has spoke to me about this season in which I am in right now. We have crossed over 278 with a lot of faith and a lot of hard work. I am tired but passionate about what God has next for our church, but when I was ask by Pastor Steven, “What do I do when I go home?” The Lord spoke very clear to me, taking me back to this reference in scripture in Joshua 5:15, and He told me to take off my shoe’s! At first I was like “What does that mean?” Then he reminded me of the pain that my feet were in after a long day of work on our new facility, and  of how relaxing it was to finally take off the work boots every night. The picture that He gave me was of me taking my shoes off and propping my feet up on the couch with my family and spending time with Him and them, and He spoke these words to my heart! Danny, “How can you lead others to be Godly spouses if you neglect your wife?! How can you lead people to be Godly parents if you don’t practice what you preach? Danny, How can you expect to Lead people to be more intimate with me if you neglect our time?! Danny I want you to take off your shoes!” So with that said, I choose as a follower of Christ to be obedient, because I don’t want to work my plan. I want to work with His plan! I want you to know this is harder for me than anyone else, because I am passionate about seeing everything that God has given me as far as vision to come about. Putting on my shoes every morning has never been hard for me. So wait in anticipation of Gods clear steps for the future! So pray as God makes His plan clear in the coming months. With that said, we will not be starting any new ministries or initiatives yet! As a matter of fact we are going to be working over the next few months on doing everything we do now with excellance. Love you all and thank you for believing in the vision that God has entrusted me with as I lead CrossView. “The Best Is Yet to Come!”


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